Have you been denied Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits?


If you found that you have been denied SSDI or SSI benefits, there is an appeal process you must follow in order to have the denial reversed. We will walk you through that process to help ensure that you do not lose benefits you may be entitled to. We understand that this can be an overwhelming process and we are here to answer any questions you may have.

You must meet legally meet requirements in order to qualify for benefits – including disability, assets, age, and income. Our lawyers help you fill out and file all necessary forms to supplement your application.

Initial Claims

Salus Disability Law focuses strictly on all aspects of Social Security Disability cases from beginning until end. The first step in every case is to apply for either or both SSDI and SSI benefits. You can apply online through Social Security's website by clicking here.

For most cases, this is the most labor intensive part. Filing an application requires significant information including a list of your conditions, medications, medical providers, work history, and other personal information including marital status, banking information, and citizenship.  Our team will help break down this daunting process and get your claim filed sooner rather than later.  

Once an initial claim is filed, SSA typically takes 3-5 months to process a decision. During this time, it is important to keep getting medical treatment, complete all forms from SSA, and attend any appointments that Social Security schedules. 

Reconsideration - The First Appeal

Only 22% of SSDI or SSI claims are approved on initial applications, so many claimants will need to appeal.  As individuals work through their appeals, the need for an attorney continues to grow. Many individuals are tricked into filing a new claim rather than appealing a denial. This reduces their back pay and starts the process over again. 

The Request for Reconsideration is an opportunity to update Social Security on all new medical treatment, procedures, medications, and changes to your conditions. This process can take up about five months and is another stepping stone towards a favorable outcome. 

Our team will file your appeal for you and update Social Security about changes in your conditions. 


Unfortunately, only 12-15% of requests for reconsideration are approved, so the vast majority of Social Security Cases require a hearing. Don’t give up. Nationwide, about 48.8% of cases are approved at the hearings level. This is where it is absolutely critical to hire an attorney. It takes from 5-18 months to have a hearing after it is requested.

Your Social Security hearing is the first opportunity to truly tell your story and our attorneys will help you do just that. Our team will work hard to ensure that the Judge has access to all of your medical records. 

A typical Social Security hearing is an hour-long proceeding that is closed to the public and includes a hearing monitor who records the process, the judge, the claimant, an attorney, and a vocational expert. Sometimes, these proceedings also involve a medical expert. 


We Come Prepared


In law school, we were taught to know our audience. We took that advice to heart.

Salus works to build rapport with the judges assigned to hear your case. We keep a comprehensive database of the judges, medical experts, and vocational experts assigned to our cases. This allows us to prepare our clients for the different preferences and personalities involved in your case.

To learn more about your Social Security eligibility and how Salus Law can help you with your claim, contact us for a free consultation.

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