About Salus Law

Salus Law has no brick-and-mortar flagship office. This is no accident. We are committed and using technology to create a “new wave” of legal services that are client-centered and efficient. For individuals suffering from chronic medical conditions and mental health impairments, leaving the house, driving, and keeping appointments can be insurmountable tasks. Our job is to take pressure off, not add to it, so we went digital.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Salus Law was fully operationalized and ready for business as usual, while our competitors were trying to transition to telecommuting and working to build strategies for the new normal.

We use customized legal technology to improve our efficiency, increase communication, and allow our lawyers to focus on building winning legal strategies. Our technology makes it easier for clients to sign on for representation, reach the team outside of normal business hours, and provide updates on their medical treatment.

We Live and Breathe Disability Law

Some may call Salus Law, a one-trick pony, but we prefer subject-matter experts, or better yet leaders in our field–that is what sets Salus apart from our competitors.

Our team is laser-focused on getting our clients disability benefits. We knows that getting your benefits faster matters and we  use innovative technology to ensure that every case is fully developed every single time.  Salus Law’s core mission is to help clients secure their disability payments so they can secure their financial future.




Maren Miller Bam

Maren Miller Bam founded Salus Law while pregnant with her oldest daughter Maddie. Maren was quite sick while pregnant and realized that she needed a law firm model that would provide flexibility for her, her future team, and her clients. Salus Law quickly took off and Maren needed to assemble a team, so she turned to the people she trusted most-her family and friends. Together, Maren with the help of her parents Edward and Tracy Miller have built a highly successful nationwide disability law practice.

Salus Law Is Here To Help.

Salus Law is a family-run law firm with a close-knit team. Our close relationships allow us to step outside the 9-5 billable hour law firm model and instead build a firm solely focused on the people we serve.

At Salus Law, we treat our clients the same way we would treat our family members. We give our clients a voice in an invasive and often demoralizing process and advise them every step of the way, so we can win the benefits they need. 

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