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Who We Are

Salus Law brings a unique perspective, a bias toward action, and high level legal analysis.

Inspired by the Roman Goddess of welfare, health and prosperity, our team is committed to guiding you through the Social Security Disability process and achieving a successful outcome. With an 80% approval rate at Social Security Hearings and a 90% approval rate in Federal Court, Salus nearly doubles the national average and improves your odds of success.

Salus Law has obtained over a million dollars in Social Security Benefits for our clients.


Maren Miller Bam

Owner / Attorney

Maren has represented more than 1,000 individuals seeking Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income. Maren has experience assisting individuals from the initial application stage through federal district court. She has built a high-volume legal practice dedicated to getting clients the benefits they deserve.

Maren is a Washington State attorney and is licensed to practice in the Western District and Eastern District of Washington. She represents clients across more than a dozen states, focusing on the Western United States.

Maren partners with local and national law firms alike to assist their clients in the Social Security disability process. She also partners with long-term disability, workers' compensation, and personal injury law firms as a holistic approach to client service.

When Maren isn't "lawyering", she also enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter and an occasional, good glass of wine.

Customer Service for the 21st Century

Here at Salus, we aren’t your typical law firm. First and foremost, we have no brick and mortar office. This is no accident. Salus is committed to meeting our clients where they are and using technology to create a new wave of legal services.

Salus makes house calls, arranges ubers, uses video chats, text messages, emails, and phone calls to be readily available for our clients.

For individuals suffering from workplace injuries, chronic medical conditions, and mental health impairments leaving the house, driving, and keeping appointments can be insurmountable tasks. Our job is to take pressure off, not add to it. Salus makes house calls, arranges ubers, uses video chats, text messages, emails, and phone calls to be readily available for our clients.

Our team spans the country from east coast to west coast and everywhere in between. This allows us to be available outside the normal 9-5 office structure. It’s not uncommon to receive text messages from us during the evening or weekends to provide a quick update on your case. We know that the Social Security process We pride ourselves on excellent communication.

Focus and Efficiency

Salus only practices Social Security Disability Law and knows the process in and out. Use our one-track approach to your benefit. We show up to every single Social Security Hearing with all the relevant medical evidence. We do not pay unnecessarily for medical records and average less than $50 per case.

We have a dedicated team to track legal fees, travel reimbursements, and clients’ backpay. This keeps cashflow stable and all our focus on winning cases.

We use a specialized Social Security Database to track your case and always know where your case stands and what is on the horizon. This allows Salus to send frequent updates, so you don’t need to wonder what is happening.