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Salus Law works in two unique areas of the law. Our primary practice areas include:
Business and Commercial Law: business formation, nonprofit formation and compliance, tech startup legal issues, business funding, business tax issues, and purchase and sales of companies.
Social Security Benefits and Law: mental health and physical impairments, social security hearings, federal court appeals, and special needs trusts as part of an estate plan.

Our Team

Salus Law is a husband and wife team that works closely with a large network of attorneys in the Seattle Area. In every case we’re involved in, we bring a unique perspective, a bias toward action, and high level legal analysis. We’ve seen federal district court litigation, closed commercial transactions, obtained $100,000’s in Social Security Benefits for clients, assigned IP, worked on licensing agreements and NDA’s, brought products to market, and much more.

Attorney Salus Law, PLLC

Joshua Bam

Joshua Bam works with tech startups and entrepreneurs to start companies and close deals. He helps clients with entity choice formation (LLCs, Corporations, Nonprofits) and has experience in product development, negotiating deals, planning for taxes, and corporate compliance. He has experience funding and structuring companies through acquisition.
Josh has worked with alternative health practitioners, product development companies, retail stores, software developers, and a variety of nonprofit organizations, including NAMI affiliates, business leagues, and social clubs. He also specializes in written litigation through state and federal district courts.
After working with the Center for the Study of Mergers and Acquisitions, Josh moved into private practice to provide legal services for small businesses and tech entrepreneurs. He has helped businesses and their owners plan through employment, business development, commercial transactions, securities, acquisitions, tax issues, and much more. He also volunteers with United Way of King County and is the president of Seattle Select Attorneys Association.

Attorney Salus Law, PLLC


Maren has represented more than 500 individuals seeking Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income. Maren has experience assisting individuals from the initial application stage through federal district court. She has built a high-volume legal practice dedicated to getting clients the benefits they deserve.
Maren is licensed to practice in the Western District and Eastern District of Washington and has represented individuals throughout Washington and Oregon. Maren’s extensive disability knowledge includes navigating the VA benefits system, establishing ABLE accounts and Special Needs Trusts, and navigating the post-entitlement Social Security process.
Maren partners with local and national law firms alike to assist in Social Security disability cases from the administrative hearings phase through federal court. She also partners with long-term disability insurance companies to assist their clients in getting the Social Security Disability benefits they deserve.

Our Firm

Salus Law, PLLC provides high level legal solutions tailored to client needs. We work with you to find legal solutions that work, helping you secure public benefits or helping your business move forward in your industry. We work with clients for flat fees, under hourly arrangements, under retainers, or on a contingency basis in social security cases. Get legal help when and where you need it by contacting us today.

If you’re looking for an attorney that works with you, explains the legal processes, and simply gets results, you’ve come to the right place.

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