"You. Are. The. Best."

Making sure your current and former Social Security clients are informed about issues that can affect them greatly (during a pandemic); what kind of attorney does that? You. Thank you.

– Anonymous (by request)


"Honest, Calm, Professional"

I am so grateful that I was represented by Maren Miller-Bam. From the outset of my case, she maintained open lines of communication which both informed me of court proceedings, and worked to bring calm throughout the court process. Maren was thorough, professional, and overcame many difficulties throughout the proceedings while providing clarity and optimism throughout.

Her honesty and forthrightness were refreshing, and through her hard work and dedication, we received a positive outcome and awarding for my case.Having Maren in my court was a godsend, and I recommend her services to anyone who seeks a dedicated, honest representation.

– Stephen L.


"I Recommend Maren"

Working with Maren has been eye-opening. She explains decisions in a manner that the average person can understand. Court jargon can be quite intimidating and overwhelming. Having a person on my side who is willing to talk me through the steps and process makes my case easier to follow. I would recommend Maren to anyone who needs help. She works hard and does not keep me In the dark. Thanks Maren.

– Author confidential


"Supportive, Non-Judgmental"

I have been dealing with painful physical & mental issues and cancer treatments. I've unable to work after Honorable military service and over 25 years of civilian employment. After being in much pain and treatments, I was unable to work and applied for SSDI. I was rejected twice.

Then I became of client of Ms. Maren Bam. On our first round together with the SSDI judge, I was approved. I can now focus on my health, treatments, and taking care of my family as best that I can. She is also pursing VA benefits for me. She is supportive, non-judgmental, and works hard for me. Thank You, Ms. Maren!

– Dwayne W.


"I'd Be Lost"

Maren is a savvy, strategic, tenacious, and compassionate disability attorney...whom I'd be lost without.

– Jeanne Murray

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